Marysville Cold & Flu

Anyone can be affected by these health conditions which is why Marysville Cold & Flu care and prevention techniques are promoted in our natural health clinics. Cold and flu may be very similar but there are differences that you should know about. At our clinic, we can help you become more aware of spotting these differences which can save you from the discomfort that these health conditions can bring.

When compared to the flu, colds are milder respiratory problems which can make you feel nasal discomfort for a few days. The flu lasts longer and when left unchecked, can lead to even more problematic health conditions like pneumonia.

Symptoms you should watch out for include sore throat, nasal congestion or runny nose, and cough. These are the first signs of the cold and in children; a mild fever tends to accompany these symptoms. If you experience a quick onset of these symptoms matched with headaches, muscle pains and soreness, it is highly likely that you have the flu. These symptoms also present themselves in a more severe way which includes a lot more pain and discomfort which can really affect how you go about your daily routine.

Thankfully, there are ways on how you can help your body fight these health conditions caused by viruses transmitted from one infected person to another. Natural healthy practices like washing your hands more frequently, drinking a lot of water to flush out toxins, and eating healthy foods can help ward off viruses which cause the colds and flu.

We believe that nature has provided us with ways to keep our body healthy and remedies which can give comfort and relief from such health conditions. Eating vitamin C-rich foods can help boost your immune system, or drinking freshly squeezed citrus juices can replenish your body with the fluids it needs to recover from the colds and flu.

It is true that there are a lot of readily available medications in the market to help you with fighting colds and flu. But if you think about it, embracing a natural way of making your body healthier will have more positive benefits for you in the long run.

By integrating naturopathic health practices we can teach you more about, you will strengthen your body and experience longer lasting natural healthy protection from diseases. Our Marysville Cold & Flu care and prevention techniques will make your body better protected against these conditions and will let you enjoy more of your everyday life!