Marysville PMS & Hormonal Imbalance

Hormones can either be good or bad for women depending on its level. Here at Marysville PMS and hormonal imbalance treatment approach, we try to educate each woman patient who comes to us to focus more on their hormones as this can bring about a variety of unwanted problems later on.

Hormonal imbalance is one of the important issues that need to be addressed in more natural ways than prescribing chemically-prepared hormonal supplements. This is most especially true in our modern world today where birth control pills are being widely used together with other food substances that have a significant effect on hormone levels.

Women today should also understand the role that hormones play in keeping the body healthy and free of cancer. A great example would be breast cancer that is hormone regulated and mediated. Because of this, our goal is to ensure that women understand the importance of hormonal health and make the necessary lifestyle and diet suggestions that would support our holistic beliefs.

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is one of the medical conditions that is affected by hormones. Other conditions affected by the hormonal process are headaches, trouble sleeping, menopause disorders, and significant weight gain. As a naturopathic clinic, we try our best in determining the possible causes of hormonal imbalance to prevent future complications from happening.

In naturopathic medicine, it is believed that there are natural ways of restoring hormonal balance without the need to resort to synthetic hormones. It is no secret that there has been a lifelong battle between synthetic and natural hormones.

Synthetic hormones are believed to disrupt steroid hormone pathways that can later result to suppression of body’s natural hormones that might do more harm than good to the body. Natural hormones are generally safer though it may take a little longer to produce benefits but women are assured of the long-term benefits it can give.

We firmly believe that proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are a woman’s secret to having hormonal balance. A good nutrition also serves as the foundation to a healthy life and paves way for good hormone interactions, which is why we not only focus on hormonal imbalances but the overall health of every woman as well.

Naturopathic approach for hormonal imbalance mainly revolves around a well-rounded treatment and here at Marysville PMS and hormonal imbalance treatment program, we make sure that our patients will be able to understand the beneficial holistic principles and create a good association between the mind and body.