Marysville Poor Digestion

Marysville Poor Digestion management firmly believes that overall good health is greatly dependent on a good digestive function.  Can you imagine how you can get all the nutrients that your body needs if your digestive system is not functioning properly? It is simply impossible.

Everyone should know that to absorb nutrients, the body should be able to properly digest the food we eat so that the nutrients will be released from the food and absorbed by the body through the digestive system. This makes proper gut function a prerequisite to a happy and healthy body.

In our modern world today where food are more chemically prepared and packed than the olden days, it just seems more and more difficult to get the complete nutrition that the body needs. This reason, along with the busy schedule of most people today that leads to delayed or even missed meals, plays a great role in poor digestion.

Poor digestion, acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion are just some of the common digestive problems that now affects about one-third of people in the United States.  This prevalence is said to result to about $10 billion in cumulative costs yearly as people usually resort to conventional medicine.

There are about a dozen things that can cause poor digestion. Examples of which are an unhealthy lifestyle and diet, food triggers, smoking, drinking alcohol and caffeine, obesity, and pregnancy. In conventional medicine, the symptoms that arise from such are usually combated with over-the-counter or prescription medications that regulates the acid in the stomach and calms the stomach muscles.  However, these drugs act on the symptom alone but not the real cause.

In holistic medicine, we believe that you yourself can make the unwanted symptoms go away with lots of discipline and a good grasp of the situation even without the medicines.

It is time that all patients know that there is actually no cure for most common digestive problems and this does not only affect adults alone. Even kids and toddlers have the possibility of experiencing this.  Given that fact that there is no definite cure, there is just no sense in taking medicines over and over again.

With our various naturopathic approaches to common digestive problems, we go straight to figuring out what could be causing the problem and work from there. More often than not, dietary and lifestyle changes are all that needs to be done to ensure a healthier digestive system.

At Marysville Poor Digestion management, we do not just alleviate the symptoms of poor digestion and other digestive problems but we aim to improve the patient’s overall health including that of the digestive system.