McQuinn Naturopathic’s Smile Contest

Smile Contest

Now through January 14th, McQuinn Naturopathic wants to see your smiling face! Post a picture of your funniest, crazy, most contagious smile. On January 15th, which ever picture has the most ‘LIKES’ is the winner!

The winner will receive an ALL ACCESS pass to McQuinn Naturopathic Clinic worth $3800!! And yes, you can gift it or break this package up to love one(s)!

The All Access Pass includes:

  • 5 – 30 Minute Massages
  • 5 – Acupuncture Visits
  • 3 – Personal Training Sessions and Fit Discussion
  • 3 – ND Visits
  • 3 – Life Coach Visits
  • 3 – Visits and a Grocery Store Trip with our RDN
  • 3 – Cooking Class’

Hurry up and post your smile picture today!