Metabolic Syndrome Treatment in Everett

Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X is being diagnosed more than ever, thanks to rising obesity rates throughout the United States and beyond. This diagnosis simply means that you have several of the risk factors that increase the likelihood that you will develop medical issues such as diabetes, stroke and heart disease. However, there are options rather than taking medications with unwanted side effects. Look into naturopathic metabolic syndrome treatment in Everett.

The risk factors that lead to metabolic syndrome are:

  • High blood pressure or taking high blood pressure medication.
  • Low HDL cholesterol or taking prescriptions for high cholesterol.
  • An excessively large waist (also known as being “apple” shaped).
  • High triglycerides (blood fats).

Metabolic Syndrome Treatment in EverettDuring a consultation with a medical professional, you will be evaluated through diagnostic testing and a lifestyle questionnaire to determine your personal risk factors for metabolic syndrome and the most optimum treatment designed just for you. Typically, a treatment program consists of a variety of different changes developed to help you gain control of your health in a safe and natural manner. You may alter your diet and have nutritional counseling, make changes to your lifestyle and learn ways to manage stress, lose weight and begin an exercise regimen, add vitamin and/or herbal supplements according to your specific needs and undergo acupuncture.

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