Mukilteo Cold and Flu

Ever woken up because of sneezing, too much coughing, or a feverish and heavy feeling? What could this be? While there are similarities, common colds differ from flu and knowing the differences can help you be on your way to treating your condition. We believe in naturopathy and how nature can help you heal faster in a safer and more natural way. Nature has provided us with herbs, natural products and other substances which provide comfort and relief from health conditions like colds and flu. But before we get to that, let us first differentiate these two.

Common colds are less serious compared to flu. Symptoms of common colds include sore throat which typically goes away after one or two days, runny nose or nasal congestion, and coughing after a few days of the initial symptoms. In adults, getting a fever is not common, but children may have fever while experiencing common colds. A lot of viruses may lead you to having common colds and one of the telltale signs you have it is nasal symptoms and mucus in your nasal passage. Flu, on the other hand is more serious and can lead to more complex health conditions like pneumonia and other respiratory diseases. Symptoms of flu come on quickly and these include headaches, muscle pains, congestion, soreness, and cough. These may last from a week to more than a week, and can definitely affect how you go about your days.

Thankfully, there are naturopathic health practices you can do to help you prevent and battle the discomforts brought by colds and flu. With naturopathic health practices, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on medications. You only need to be aware of foods and health practices which can help alleviate your discomforts and eventually rid you of the colds and flu.We can help you learn more about how to increase the strength of your immune system by taking vitamin-rich foods. Having a strong immune system greatly helps you avoid getting sick in the first place. You can also alleviate the pain and soreness of your throat by simple home remedies and naturopathic solutions which are easy to do and safe for you. With naturopathic techniques, you won’t only experience relief from you present symptoms, you can also strengthen your immune system and protect your body from future sickness.

Nature’s healing properties help your body facilitate natural healing which is safe and works at the cellular level. You no longer have to feel dependent to medications, and we are here to help you out.