Mukilteo Cooking Classes

There is a lot that you can learn from our Mukilteo Cooking Classes and would be a shame to miss such a great opportunity. Generally, we cover holistic cooking that change the way you look at food. It is a known fact that a lot of people have questions on the difference this type of cooking can bring.

Holistic cooking is a technique that promotes the use of fresh, nutritious, wholesome, and tasty ingredients for food preparation. It is basically a healthier way of preparing and cooking food.

Our clinic will provide you with all the needed information and give you the proper training with regards to healthy cooking. Here are several holistic cooking principles that we practice:

  • Healing through hydration:  The use of sufficient amount of water on prepared food is now being recognized. This principle also stresses on how much water we should be consuming daily.
  • Use of chromium and titanium cookware:  Most of the stainless cookware on the market today could possibly have metal elements that are carcinogenic or can cause cancer. An example of which is nickel that could manifest bad effects in the body at a later time.  Titanium cookware, on the other hand, preserves the taste of food and does not react with liquids from food ingredients.
  • Use of herbal sweeteners: These come in powder and liquid forms. Reducing carbohydrate intake is the best benefit of these herbal sweeteners. In the powdered form, the best example would be stevia. Molasses and honey are the best examples of liquid natural sweeteners. There are also less expensive ways of obtaining these herbal sweeteners.
  • Inclusion of healing fats in the diet: Healing fats would include virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, grass fed butter, and organic animal fats with CLA. These promote longevity and boost the immune system.
  • Sufficient protein: Protein is needed by our body to rebuild cells and tissues. This is most needed during times of recovery from illness. Protein is also present in a wide variety of dairy, poultry, and vegetable products.
  • Herbal tea use: Herbal teas could be used in the process of food preparation, cooking, or taken alone as a health drink. These promote better digestion and relaxation.
  • Use of whole grains: Whole means unprocessed grains. They are highly effective in eliminating toxic materials through the digestive system.

Holistic cooking is worthwhile to learn. It could start a better and healthier lifestyle for you and your family. The Mukilteo Cooking Classes we are offering are extremely easy to understand and follow making it suitable to adapt in your own home.