Mukilteo Naturopathic Clinic

Tucked on the shore of Puget Sound with about 20,254 residents, Mukilteo holds home to one of the best natural health clinics in Snohomish County, Washington.  We know how important it is to educate and promote the integrative holistic approach to health care today.

As a result, we inform our patients everything they need to know about certain diseases, their treatment options, and let them decide which road they want to take to get a better life and excellent health and well-being.

Mukilteo Cold & Flu Treatments

In a holistic approach, the symptoms brought about by this disease are the human body’s response and signal that it is trying to fight the invaders whether it is a virus or bacteria.  Because the human body is already fighting the disease, the best route to go would be to help the body fight the invaders through various natural approaches.

Mukilteo HCG Diet Plan

This is fast becoming the holistic approach to weight loss.  HCG is actually a protein that becomes increased during pregnancy as a natural mechanism to protect the baby in such a way that it pulls calories and nutrition from fat to feed the baby in cases where the mother is not getting enough nutrition.  Weight loss experts believe that they can imitate this process to inhibit weight loss.

Mukilteo High Blood Pressure Treatment

This is noted to be the silent killer among the many diseases today and is extremely dangerous.  This is why through regular check-ups at our natural health clinic, we determine a person’s risks factors for getting high blood pressure and make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes even before symptoms start.  It is dangerous but it can be prevented given the right measures.

Mukilteo Lab Referrals

Being a natural health clinic whose main goal is to improve the health of every patient who asks for our assistance, we know when to give out lab referrals should the situation warrants it.  We also have partnered up with reputable laboratories to better assists our patients in the diagnostic and confirmatory tests that they might need.

Mukilteo Menopause Treatments

This is a part of every woman’s life as she ages. More often than not, a phase that many women dread. The physiological changes can quite chaotic with the hormonal changes that happen. With a natural approach of balancing the changes brought about by menopause, a woman can take advantage of the benefits of naturopathy.

Mukilteo Naturopathic Doctor

The naturopathic medicine is very powerful despite being natural and holistic.  It offers the healthier approach to treating the whole human body and not just a certain part or disease.  While it can focus solely on a condition, the rest of the body will improve as well.  This is why we consider it the best and most useful therapeutic approach.

Mukilteo Nutritional Counseling & Food Allergies

Food allergies are almost always associated with poor and unhealthy food intake.  The human body might not be able to handle a particular food and this might lead to various symptoms that can sometimes lead to a more serious condition.  This is why we advocate nutritional counseling so that all our patients will know and understand their own bodies that can therefore lead to a better health.  This usually includes avoiding the food that causes problems or desensitizing slowly.

Mukilteo Pediatric Exams & Sports Physicals

Pediatric exams are of utmost importance to us because babies should be well taken care of and prevention can make a huge difference.  Knowing the conditions early on will allow us to treat better.  Sports physicals are of equal importance as well given that athletes should be well taken care of to avoid unwanted serious injuries that can hurt an athlete’s career as well.

Mukilteo Physical & Women’s Health Exams

We take equal pride in providing physical and women’s health exams to help our patients maximize vitality and prevent any budding illness rather than waiting for any serious symptoms to show.  As a natural health clinic, we strive to explore every possible aspect including emotional, social, environmental, and physical factors and improve a women’s well-being.

Mukilteo PMS & Hormonal Imbalance Treatment

Conventional medicine calls for hormonal supplements to combat premenstrual symptoms and hormonal imbalances but we firmly believe that we can treat these conditions in a natural and safer way.  These conditions are a result of an external factor affecting the human body system.  We try to find out what is causing these and go from there.  De-stressing is almost always the first step towards correcting these conditions.

Mukilteo Poor Digestion Treatment

This is very common today and could very well be the consequence of having a busy life.  The modern world calls for a busy schedule that almost leaves no room for unwinding and simply breathing in and out.  People tend to skip meals that can result to poor digestion.  Having a healthier lifestyle can make a huge difference.

Mukilteo Therapeutic, Wellness & Nutrient Injections

Being a natural health clinic, we believe that supplying the body all the nutrients it needs to function well and fight the system invaders is the key to having a healthy and better life.  All our therapeutic and nutrient injections are natural and are extremely effective and safe.

Mukilteo Urinary Infection Treatment

This is a very common medical condition regardless of age and gender.  While the conventional medicine would approach this with antibiotics, we believe and we have lots of experience solving this using our own holistic approaches especially if the patient only has a mild infection.

Mukilteo Women’s Health Services

Given that women are more emotional than men, a holistic approach to their health is of great benefit.  More often than not, women need more than just medicines.  We try and offer our women patients education, alternative treatments, prevention, and support along with assistance for stress reduction.

Mukilteo Acupuncture

Acupuncture holds so many benefits for every person. It is in choosing the right clinics that would make a difference. Call our Mukilteo Acupuncture clinic today!

Mukilteo Core Classes, Core Cardio and Stability Workout

Mukilteo Core Classes, Core Cardio, and Stability Workout is a highly popular style of working out to get fit and healthy today.

Mukilteo Life Coaching

Our clinic offers you life coaches that most of our loyal clients love because of their professionalism and high knowledge of so many different life experiences. They work with all types of people with different life coaching needs.

Mukilteo Yoga

Our yoga mentors have years of experience in teaching yoga lessons that you can only expect the best from them. They are highly professional yet have a friendly disposition that would make your road to yoga fun, enriching, and exciting.