Mukilteo Pediatric Exams & Sports Physicals

Holistic approaches include helping patients achieve a better health on all respective levels.  Being a natural health care center in Mukilteo, we aim to integrate only the best of holistic and conventional approaches to pediatric exams and sports physicals. Given that we offer Mukilteo Pediatric Exams, it is important for every parent who wants to bring their child to our clinic to understand that we will use a holistic approach in addressing each child’s needs.  These needs will not only include the physical aspects but the overall well-being of every child including that of emotional, environmental, social, and spiritual aspects as well. We firmly believe that kids should be handled with utmost care and affection.  In our pediatric exams, we thoroughly examine everything and treat as deemed necessary with conventional medicine as much as possible.  If adults find it hard to take medicines and undergo various treatments that entails more than the natural way of healing, what more will kids feel if subjected to it early on?

We want every child to experience the natural way of healing on their road to recovery if in any case there is something wrong.  We try to avoid subjecting them to chemically-treated drugs as much as possible because their bodies are more than capable of healing themselves and we are here to help it happen. Through a deeper and more comprehensive level of pediatric evaluation, we help parents understand as well the things that are happening to their child enabling them to be more involved in the care process.

A holistic approach to sports physicals might be new as it is not commonly done previously.  But as more researches took place, we believe that our approach is much better than traditional sports physicals.  Being a great athlete takes more than just being physically fit and capable.  We encourage coaches and trainers not to wait until one of their athletes our hurt before approaching us and that prevention is always better than the cure.

A physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fit athlete has lesser chances of being injured in games and practices.  This is because the whole body is prepared and attuned to what he is doing.  Holistic approaches to physical therapy are much more famous because of the known great benefits of the natural way of healing.  It may not be as quick as some of the traditional medicines but they undoubtedly give the better overall benefit to oneself. To schedule a Mukilteo Pediatric Exam, contact us at 425-905-2487.