Mukilteo Women’s Health Services

The difference in the biological make up of males and females is a fact borne of scientific scrutiny, and understanding this particular point is the key to becoming truly healthy. In the case of the health of women, a good point to remember is that women are fundamentally different from men in terms of biological chemicals, most notable of which are hormones. When dealing such issues, Mukilteo Women’s Health takes on a natural approach.

Because of how chemically different women are from men, this then leads to different needs in balancing out the chemicals present in the body and different methods when addressing the different health issues that could arise which tend to be more gender specific. Among these differences in methods include different foods, habits and generally different approaches in lifestyle.

On the list of conditions that tend to affect women more often than men, here are the following:

  • Osteoporosis – as a condition which affects the bones by making it lose mass, this health condition can most effectively and naturally be addressed through the consumption of foods that are full of calcium. Milk would be a good place to start, but broccoli and the like would also be advisable.
  • Urinary tract infections – through the build-up of bacteria in the urinary tract of women, UTI can cause some major discomforts which can be treated through the cleansing effects of natural drinks that we provide.
  • Depression – it may not feel like it, but depression is actually an emotion that is a result of chemicals in the body and which can be addressed quite easily with the right methods. Among these is to exercise in a manner that will challenge the body and force the brain to release the happy chemicals of endorphins. Through the consumption of the right foods, depression can also be lifted, although it should be noted that other choices exist apart from chocolate.

There are many more than the ones already listed, but rest assured that the majority of them can be treated through natural methods that do not require chemical or artificial intervention. All women really have to do is understand the natural workings and needs of their bodies.

When an understanding of how the body naturally works and the natural methods that work well with it is achieved through the information and assistance we provide for Mukilteo Women’s Health Services, then a healthier and more holistic future is within reach.