Natural Treatment for High Blood Pressure with the Help of a Naturopath

High blood pressure is a condition that causes no symptoms, but puts an individual at a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. Blood pressure is a measure of the force the blood applies to the walls of the arteries when the heart is pumping. It is measured with two measurements, a systolic measurement, which indicates the pressure when the heart beats, and a diastolic measurement, which indicates the pressure between the heartbeats. If the top number is above 140 and the lower number above 90, you have high blood pressure.

Everett Treatments for high blood pressure can range from medications to lifestyle changes. The medications can have serious side effects for some individuals. Also, regulating the medications to get the blood pressure at an ideal level is sometimes challenging. When blood pressure goes too low, it can also cause health problems. That is why finding a natural treatment for high blood pressure is so helpful.

Blood pressure can be high for many reasons. Sometimes, excess weight can cause the condition. Other risk factors include an overuse of salt in the diet, a high level of stress or anxiety and smoking. Heredity can also put you at higher risk for developing high blood pressure. Many of these, with the exception of heredity, are easily adjusted through lifestyle changes.

Working with a naturopathic doctor is an ideal solution when researching how to reduce high blood pressure, because the doctor will know how to properly monitor blood pressure while still working for a natural solution. Often, with the right lifestyle changes, you can learn how to reduce high blood pressure without medication, but working with a doctor ensures that you are not ignoring your condition and putting yourself at risk.

Some of the natural treatments for high blood pressure Everett that your naturopath might consider include:

  •  Dietary changes
  • Lowering salt intake
  • Increasing water consumption
  • Losing weight
  • Increasing exercise
  • Stress relief measures

All of these measures have been shown to successfully treat high blood pressure, and when done properly, they can eliminate the need for blood pressure medications. Working with a naturopath will give you the chance to create a custom plan that addresses your specific needs as it relates to controlling blood pressure.