Naturopathic Food Allergy Testing in Marysville

The news is filled every day with stories of severe food allergy experiences from adults and children alike. Our immune system can react quite violently to certain foods and create a life-threatening situation that is very frightening for the victim and those in close proximity. To learn definitively whether you or a loved one has one or more food allergies or sensitivities it is a good idea to schedule naturopathic food allergy testing in Marysville so that you can be prepared in advance for a potential medical emergency.

Food Allergy Testing in Marysville

A naturopathic physician and his staff will carefully review your dietary habits and medical history prior to a blood antibody test typically completed via a blood draw or finger stick. This will determine if you have any food allergies, how severe your reaction may be and the best nutritional plan to alleviate or eliminate your allergy symptoms.

Food allergy testing covers dozens of foods, herbs and spices, including the most common food allergens: nuts, wheat, gluten, milk, soy, eggs, cheese, citrus fruits and tomatoes.

After testing, your naturopathic team of professionals will offer recommendations and guidance to set you on a path for success. This may be a total avoidance of your food allergy triggers, although this can be extremely difficult to maintain on a consistent basis, or a targeted cycle of foods that rotate throughout your steady diet every 4-5 days or so. Natural supplements are often added to encourage overall good health.

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