Naturopathic Treatment for Alzheimer’s in Arlington

Alzheimer’s disease is, unfortunately, becoming more widespread every day. While a cure may be on the horizon at some point, it may be too late for those currently in the early stages or well into this most common form of dementia. Progressive memory loss is not only frustrating and frightening for caregivers and friends, but also the individual suffering from this horrible malady. Current medications are sometimes able to slow the advancement of the disease, but they often have unpleasant and unwelcome side effects and are ridiculously expensive. There are more naturopathic options for the treatment of Alzheimer’s in Arlington without those side effects and that are much more affordable.

Alzheimer's in Arlington

The first step in the treatment process involves a complete physical evaluation with accompanying diagnostic testing of the patient and a personal consultation with both the patient and caregiver to be able to determine and deliver the most effective course of action. Depending on the individual situation there may be a variety of methods used to provide the most optimum results possible. These may include a carefully tailored, moderate exercise program; hormonal therapies and natural vitamin and mineral supplementation such as B complex vitamins and vitamin E. A personalized diet program rich in fruits and vegetables and supervised sun exposure may also be added to the treatment regimen.

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