Naturopathy in Lake Stevens

Naturopathy in Lake StevensThere are a number of reasons people may want to try naturopathy in Lake Stevens as a primary option for care. It may be they have had what they would consider a negative experience with traditional medicine, it may be they are looking to make a change in lifestyle. Quite possibly, some people may just understand that sometimes a step back is required in order for us to move forward.

Lifestyle Change

Naturopathy empowers patients to make the necessary lifestyle changes for healthier living from within themselves. Naturopathy focuses primarily on  preventative medicine. By eating healthy foods, getting an adequate amount of exercise and adopting good sleep habits, a person can prevent an immeasurable number of health problems.

A naturopathic doctor will work with patients to find the true, underlying causes of any illnesses. From this assessment, the ND would make the necessary natural or nutritional recommendations to restore the patients good health. These recommendations may include but are not limited to:

  • massage or tissue manipulation
  • the use of herbal medicines
  • the use of vitamin supplements
  • a change in diet
  • behavioral changes
  • acupuncture
  • exercise

Step Back to Move Forward

As the concept of naturopathy bases itself on the healing power of nature, it goes without saying that this same concept supports the body’s own healing abilities. When we are hungry, the body lets us know, we know when to drink water because the body is asking for it. More often than not the body is aware when things are good and when they aren’t. At times, it is important for us to step back and feel, see, listen and understand what our bodies are asking for. Once we have that understanding we can move forward to a healthier life.

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