Coronavirus (COVID-19)

March 4, 2020 By |

To manage significantly larger volumes, we are recommending patients stay home if they have mild-to-moderate symptoms, using home monitoring and care for those symptoms. Please note that for 80% of people a Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection is mild and similar to the common cold. There are no antiviral medications to treat Coronavirus… [...]

Testosterone Screening

November 11, 2015 By |

Menopause Treatment in Monroe
Dr. John Dowling,  N.D. In today’ s times,  many men suffer from type 2 diabetes,  metabolic syndrome,  adrenal stress, liver or  kidney disease,  infertility  and sleep apnea. Did you know all of these are indications  for testing testosterone  levels?  Some Naturopathic  doctors have also noticed low testosterone in patients suffering … [...]

Severe Obesity Costs Medicaid $8 Billion Annually, Study Finds

November 9, 2015 By |

By Alan Mozes, HealthDay News And health care expenses for heaviest adults is nearly $2,000 more a year per patient. Adam's Children Inspire Him to Lose 77 Pounds in 12 Weeks Diet vs. Exercise - Which Works for Weight Loss? Tuesday, November 03, 2015 Severe obesity is putting a huge financial strain on… [...]

Consider the Alternatives

September 10, 2014 By |

naturopathic medicine in Marysville
Seattle Health Magazine - People are increasingly incorporating natural medicine into traditional medicine treatment, and Seattle is one of the best placed to explore the variety of options from Naturopathy to Acupuncture.  Doctor Andrew Simon offers insight and benefits on Naturopathic medicine in this Seattle Health Magazine edition.   [...]

Improve Your Workplace Ergonomics

April 7, 2014 By | - Proper ergonomics in the workplace is essential for overall well being and health. Doctor Andrew Simon with McQuinn Naturopathic outlines the importance of appropriate workplace ergonomics and suggestions on how to create a healthy work environment.     [...]