Physical Medicine for Back Pain

close up of sporty woman touching her back

We all get back pain from time to time. Whether it’s improper lifting, a car accident or maybe just sleeping on it wrong, the end result is a painful interruption in your life.

McQuinn Naturopathic can help you by utilizing a holistic approach to treating your back pain which encompasses future prevention and painful occurrences. Our unique natural healthcare plans not only relieve your pain but can provide healthy lifestyle changes that will benefit you now and in the future.

Many doctors will jump right to addictive pain killers for back pain, our doctors are trained in manual manipulation which will gently set your back into alignment, the use of our Ultra Sound Machine and Estim units help the muscles relax and aid in recovery. Our doctors are also trained in physical therapy techniques to help you recover faster, and prevent future problems.

McQuinn Naturopathic will gently manipulate your back and utilizes kinesio taping to ensure that the muscles don’t pull it out of alignment.  We not only treat the acute issue, and pain, we also teach you how to protect your back with Physical therapy, and offer follow up visits with our nurses utilizing our Ultra sound and estim machine.

For people who are in casts or splints, often times the joints are out of alignment. Meeting with our Doctors will help the physical therapy time be reduced.

  • Acupuncture – Alleviates pain to treat varying physical and emotional conditions
  • Spinal adjustments – Reduces pain through targeted adjustments
  • Healthy diet plan – Benefits the whole body

What chiropractors call adjustments, naturopathic doctors call manipulation.

To schedule a confidential appointment with McQuinn Naturopathic for your back pain, please call us today at (425) 905-2487. Allow us to work with you to find just the right treatment for your back issues so that you can resume all the activities that you enjoy – and maybe add a few more!