Prolotherapy for Ankle Pain

Prolotherapy for Ankle Pain

You do not have to be an avid athlete to have issues with pain in your ankles. This can be a condition that leaves a patient feeling mentally and physically drained, especially when it impacts the manner in which you navigate through everyday life at work and at home. Whether you are someone who has had a major injury or you have simply overworked your ankle over time, you are going to need to get relief. Instead of turning to traditional medicine, prescription medications, and surgical intervention, you can talk with a professional naturopath about your options in prolotherapy for ankle pain.

Understanding Prolotherapy For Ankle Pain

Prolotherapy is a process that includes a series of targeted injections to the damaged areas around the ankle. By injecting a natural irritant solution into specific locations, it will help to kick-start the natural healing processes within the body. The irritant, usually a sugar solution, will help to cause inflammation and the cascade healing process. This works to rebuild the tissue and allows the patient the healing power that they need to get past the pain in their ankle to enjoy regular movement once again.

While some patients will require a few injections before they get notable relief, some will have immediate pain relief as they work toward full restoration of ankle function. To make prolotherapy even more beneficial, most patients will see very little recovery time and there are no side effects to worry about.

If you or someone that you know is looking for relief from the ankle pain that they are experiencing, prolotherapy for ankle pain is available at McQuinn Naturopathic. Call (425)905-2487 today to set up a time for an initial consultation to get the healing process started.