Prolotherapy for Lower Back Pain in Everett

prolotherapy for lower back pain in Everett

Low back pain is, unfortunately for many, one of the most common complaints that doctors hear as their patients age. There are many causes of the condition, including being overweight and an injury to the area. Treatment options are varied and offer differing degrees of success. Surgery is not a viable choice for many individuals due to expense and down time, aside from the risk of complications. One possibility that has shown promise is prolotherapy for lower back pain in Everett.

Prolotherapy is an alternative medical treatment for a variety of joint problems. It involves targeted injections of specially mixed compounds that may include dextrose and lidocaine directly into the affected ligaments in the back. Repeat sessions stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms to cause controlled swelling in the injected part of the back. This causes strengthening of the ligaments to increase the amount of support in the back and decrease the amount of pain. Sometimes utilized in conjunction with a personal exercise program, steroid injections and spinal manipulation, prolotherapy has helped thousands over the past 50 or so years.

Side effects to prolotherapy are minimal and comprised of temporary pain to the injected area and some stiffness but last only briefly. The lasting result is lessening pain and increased mobility.

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