Set Up An Appointment For Pediatric Sports Physicals In Arlington


Set Up An Appointment For Pediatric Sports Physicals In Arlington

Sports are popular with all ages, particularly school-age children. To ensure that your children are physically capable of playing the sport they choose, it’s important and often required that they get pediatric sports physicals in Arlington.

If this is a new experience for your family, you may be wondering what happens during a child’s sports physical. It’s really quite simple and straightforward. There are two main aspects of the appointment.

A medical professional will take your child’s medical and health history. This information can help to determine underlying issues (past and present) that could affect your child when participating in all types of sports activities. Genetic conditions should be a part of the discussion.

The other aspect of the sports physical is the actual physical exam itself. All athletes, from the youngest to the oldest, are required to have an exam to ensure that their overall health is at acceptable levels to participate in athletics. Your child’s appearance will be evaluated, as well as their blood pressure, vision, heart rate, breathing, and basic physical ability.
Of course, paperwork is included for sports physical like it is for almost everything in life that we do. Often, the coach will provide a form for you to give your doctor that they can complete during the physical. If not, a generic form can be completed at the physician’s office by the appropriate staff. The doctor will clear (or not) your child for athletic activity by marking that section on the form.

For appointments for pediatric sports physicals in Arlington, contact the medical professionals at McQuinn Naturopathic at (425) 905-2487. We’ll be happy to evaluate your child and answer your questions about physical activity.