Snohomish Cold & Flu Treatments

They can strike any time of the year and Snohomish Cold & Flu health advice can help you know more about how you can protect your health. Cold and flu may be confusing so let us first define the differences between the two.

Colds are a much milder respiratory problem which can make you feel nasal and respiratory discomfort for a few days while the flu can stay on from a few days to some weeks. Colds can go away after a few days and by having enough rest and fluid intake while the flu can last longer and even cause more serious health conditions like hospitalization and pneumonia.

Colds usually begin with having a sore throat. Nasal symptoms like runny nose, congestion, and cough would then follow. Children usually have fever along with their colds but this is uncommon for adults. Flu symptoms come on more quickly and are more severe. Sore throat, headaches, fevers, muscle pains and soreness along with cough and congestion are the most common symptoms.

Understanding the difference between the two is vital in treating what condition you have. When you visit us at our clinic, we will do a thorough checkup and ask you about your lifestyle as well to determine whether what you have is the common colds or flu. From there, we can come up with a comprehensive diagnosis which we will discuss with you so you are aware of what is going on in your body. We believe in a holistic approach to healing and making you more in tune with your body can make the healing process better.

There are naturopathic health practices we can advise you to integrate to your life to help you combat your current condition with the colds and flu. There are certain foods which can help boost your immune system and fight the viruses in your body. By eating foods which can strengthen your immune system, you are not only fighting your current health condition, you are also on your way to preventing future bouts with the common colds and flu.

We won’t have you undergo invasive procedures or regularly take medications.  We believe that nature has ways of helping our bodies heal and that is what we will help you achieve to battle the colds and flu. Snohomish Cold & flu Treatments naturopathic solutions are safe and natural and can help you find relief and lasting protection from these health conditions.