Snohomish Lab Referrals

Snohomish Lab Referrals are important to every naturopathic clinic as accurate laboratory results are needed to give a correct diagnosis and determine where the problem is coming from.  Every Snohomish resident should know that their well-being is more important to us than anything else.  This is why we have partnered up with bigger and well-equipped laboratories so that we can easily refer our patients who need more complete diagnostic laboratory tests.

Patients should have nothing to worry about us making lab referrals as they are assured they are getting no less than the balanced medical and holistic approach that we are well known for.  They are even getting more as we pave way for a more thorough laboratory examination that will allow us to treat and give them an even better holistic approach.

Given that we are a natural health clinic, we surely would want to exhaust all the natural options as we treat every patient who comes to us seeking for help.  To be able to do this accurately, we need to know every single thing about our patients including medical history, lifestyle, habits, and a complete physical and even a complete laboratory exam should the situation warrants it.

Some patients are actually hesitant about lab referrals because of the olden belief that it is costly and can sometimes produce erroneous results because of the confusion between clinics or laboratories.  Truth is lab referrals do not cost more than they should and there will be no erroneous results as each and every patient sample is still processed the same way that others are normally processed.

Because of our partnership with nearby laboratories that we usually send out lab referrals to, patients have the choice of picking the results themselves or the chosen laboratory directly sending the results to us.  Either way, there should be no problem as we both will fully be informed of the laboratory results from lab referrals.

It is also equally important to understand that it is not only the small health clinics that do send out lab referrals.  Even big and famous clinics and hospitals send lab or even doctor referrals when needed.  This is for the main purpose of serving the patients better and more efficiently.

Before sending out lab referrals, we try our best in explaining to our patients the cause and reason behind it for them to fully understand and answer any questions they might have.  It is important that our patients know that we only do Snohomish Lab Referrals when the situation calls for it and would not otherwise do it without the need to.