Snohomish Massage Therapy

The holistic care approach to just about any disease would be to treat from deep within and this is exactly what Snohomish Massage Therapy is all about.  Massage is famously known as one of the most effective of the healing arts.  The pressure applied greatly varies from gentle to just right to stronger massages depending on what the patient’s body needs.

Through massage, the body achieves a higher level of relaxation as it stimulates endorphins or “happy hormones” to be released; therefore, relieving feelings of pain or discomfort.  While most people think that massage is mainly for de-stressing the tired body and mind, we try to educate our patients more by explaining what massage can do for their ailments and the possible factors that caused the ailments.

Our holistic approach promises to uplift the well-being of every person who seeks our help.  We aim to treat the whole body and not focus solely on what patients assume the problem is.  We dig deeper to find what is causing the problems and determine which treatment option would work best.

Patients are almost always surprised of how massages are always included in our recommended treatment options.  This is because the benefits of massages are so many that we encourage each and every patient of ours to make use of this wonderfully natural approach to having a healthier mind and body.

Massages have the great abilities to improve circulation, induce relaxation, helps eliminates stress, lowers blood pressure, brings metabolism back to normal, aids in detoxification, improves mobility and flexibility, improves postural awareness, and relieves aching muscles.  It is truly one of the great holistic approaches that help our patients towards healthier and better lives.

Some people are confused as to why they should seek out medical attention through naturopathic clinics when massages are commonly found in spa centers.  We straighten this out by reminding Snohomish residents that spa centers mainly offer massages while we offer a whole lot more.  Naturopathic clinics like us focus more on treating our patients rather than simply offering various types of massages.  Patients must also be reminded of the fact that massages can also do more harm than good if not done properly.

We, as a natural health care clinic, also recommend massages to various medical conditions like fibromyalgia, acute and chronic headaches, and migraines.  This is also one of the favorite holistic approaches of athletes as it relaxes their abused and overused muscles paving way for faster healing the natural way.  Snohomish Massage Therapists can offer many benefits to patients but do keep in mind that only trust licensed therapists and always consult your naturopathic doctor.