Snohomish Menopause Treatments

Snohomish Menopause Therapy is undoubtedly getting more and more popular as it helps women get through a very difficult phase in their lives with much more ease. Menopause is a natural life transition phase that happens to women yet the symptoms it brings are not actually what we would call normal. It gives women a roller coaster hormone ride as they experience bouts of hot flashes, vaginal dryness, anxiety, and even depression that can be mildly disturbing to severely debilitating.

Menopause happens to a woman after the childbearing age of about 40-50 though this greatly varies. Most women consider menopause as a disorder and ask their physicians straight out for all sorts of estrogen-replacement therapies. While there may be natural forms of estrogen in the market today, we still prefer the good old ways of treating menopause the way it should be dealt with.

We, as a natural health care clinic, want women to understand menopause and how to adjust with this new part of their life. We encourage women to always be attuned to their bodies and know what is happening to them through women’s annual physical exams. Women should take note if they are experiencing any changes and relay the noted changes to their primary care physicians on their next visit to be documented and determine the cause of the changes.

Should the changes or symptoms indicate the start of menopause, women should accept this and get herself prepared the best way she can. Even before menopause symptoms begin, we keep reminding our women patients nearing 40 to be more aware and make the necessary changes that can make the big transition easier for them.

Our suggestions usually include changes leading to a better and healthier lifestyle, eating more nutritious foods, taking enough vitamins, having a healthier routine of waking up and sleeping about the same time every day, and avoiding stress if at all possible. Every woman should understand that stressing over menopause even before it hits you just magnifies every symptom about a hundred times more.

Every woman will undergo menopause and just like the famous saying goes, “no symptom is inevitable”. Our ancestors never used estrogen pills yet they lived through menopause. Believe that you too can successfully live through menopause the natural way without taking any commercially-prepared drugs and you might be surprised of your new found energy after all these have passed. Our Snohomish Menopause program will guide you as go through this process to ensure that you are getting everything you need and help you with any difficulties you might encounter along the way.