Snohomish Naturopathic Doctor

Our Snohomish Naturopathic Doctors approach to provide it’s patients with minimally invasive treatments. It encourages self-help and natural healing. Modern science and biomedicine is completely rejected, an example of which is rejection of vaccination. Diseases are prevented through stress reduction and healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle. The use of pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, and radiation are usually minimized.

As Snohomish Naturopathy physicians, we believe that we are first and foremost primary care providers. It is our responsibility to inform and educate patients to encourage self-responsibility for health. We never harm; thus, we make sure that our patients practice self-healing with the power of nature and individual human being.

We use a wide variety of treatments – our main trust is self-healing. It is our belief that all natural things are good for the body. Not only do we apply first aid, we also make sure that the symptoms of the disease are removed. Treatment is not “one size fits all” so each person’s individual health factors are taken into consideration.

Naturopathy is an alternative medicine where a special vital energy guides bodily process such as metabolism, reproduction, growth, and adaptation.  Our treatment is not constrained in one area alone. In fact, our treatment includes:

  1. Nature care analysis treatment or therapies from exposure to natural elements such as sunshine, fresh air, heat, and cold.
  2. Nutrition treatment that aims to improve the well-being of a person through the food he intakes. This includes: vegetarian or whole food diet, fasting, and abstinence from sugar and alcohol
  3. Ozone therapy or therapy that increases the amount of oxygen in the body through introduction of ozone to the body
  4. Physical medicine that includes soft tissue manipulative therapy, sports medicine, exercise, and hydrotherapy
  5. Psychological counseling that includes meditation, relaxation, and therapies that will lessen the stress of the patient
  6. Public health for hygiene
  7. Other forms of treatment are: acupuncture, applied kinesiology, botanical medicine, brainwave entertainment, chelation therapy, colonic enemas, color therapy, cranial ostheopathy, hair analysis, homeopathy, iridology, and live blood analysis.

We work with nature to restore people’s health and we make use of naturopathic medicine to achieve the same purpose. We believe in treatment and optimal health through therapies that encourage a patient’s inherent self-healing. Snohomish Naturopathy Physicians at our clinic accomplish this through prevention where we stress hygiene and healthy lifestyles are conducive to optimal health; diagnosis and evaluation of a patient’s health; and treatment and care that works in harmony with a person’s self-help and self-healing process.