Snohomish Physical & Women’s Health Exams

When you visit a natural clinic for the first time for  one of those Snohomish Physical & Women’s Health Exams, you can expect your appointment to last about an hour and a half. This visit will comprise of an extensive interview of your medical history as well as your lifestyle.

You will be asked about your symptoms and other questions you may not normally be asked in a medical clinic such as your sleeping habits, your bowel functions, vices such as drinking or smoking, exercise regimen and even your sex life. You may also expect some personal questions about your childhood, career and relationships with family and friends. Your childhood will also be discussed

A naturopathic doctor will divulge information about your past examinations, lab works, medications and supplements. If you choose not to answer any personal questions, you may freely do so but the more information you give, the better treatment plan will be given to you.

As naturopathic medicine focuses on the whole being of a person, these information are vital. Apart from the physical healing, naturopathy aims at improving one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual being. So every aspect of your lifestyle is essential in developing an appropriate treatment plan.

Most patients who have visited a naturopathic clinic will tell you that the physical exam there is extremely thorough. After the naturopathic doctor takes your medical history and lifestyle. You will undergo the usual physical exam for vital signs including blood pressure, temperature, heartbeat and weight. Depending on your symptoms, the naturopathic doctor will also do other exams needed to determine the cause of your sickness.

Our naturopathic doctors are also trained to give exams for women. This includes gynecological exams and pap smear. Women may have different concerns such as PMS, fertility, menopause, endometriosis and ovarian cysts. Hormone imbalance is also a common concern and naturopathy seeks to determine the cause of this imbalance. Contact us to schedule your next Snohomish Physical & Women’s Health Exam.