Snohomish PMS & Hormonal Imbalance Treatments

Opting for a natural clinic for a Snohomish PMS & Hormonal Imbalance therapy may be the answer to your problems. Conventional treatment is not your only option to battle these two common women’s heath concerns. Natural/Holistic medicine can treat your hormone imbalance the natural way and prevent future occurrences. Unlike conventional medicine, there are little to no side effects.

PMS or pre-menstrual syndrome is a hormonal imbalance. Symptoms are experienced two weeks before the monthly period. These symptoms may include nausea, abdominal cramps, fatigue, headache and bloating. Some women may experience severe symptoms to the point that they need to seek medical attention.

Apart from the physical symptoms, there are also other manifestations of PMS like moodiness, sleep disturbance and food cravings. This is because the imbalance may be attributed to several female hormones including estrogen, progesterone, serotonin, endorphin and cortisol. An imbalance in serotonin and endorphin levels will lead to a very unhappy and irritable woman.

Having a healthy diet is a major factor in relieving PMS. In fact, paying close attention to what you eat can also prevent it from occurring. Some foods that may cause PMS symptoms to occur are coffee, soda, chocolates, dairy, animal fat, refined carbohydrates, overly processed food and those that contain preservatives and artificial colors.

Stress contributes greatly to PMS as well. This stress can be physical, emotional, nutritional, toxic or psychological. We can help you manage stress and give you nutritional advice in order to balance your hormones and prevent PMS symptoms in the future.

Hormonal imbalance is not only exclusive to women. Men can also experience Hormonal Imbalance especially later in life and when experiencing stress. And though conventional medications may relieve you from symptoms, it may also have residual side effects or worse, it may give you a chronic or fatal illness as some researches show synthetic hormones cause cancer or lead to stroke.