Solve Health Issues with Vitamin Injections in Marysville

Have you been feeling “not quite right” or are having unusual symptoms of illness? Typically, these issues do not warrant a trip to the physician’s office but it is difficult to know if there is a real problem or if there is something you can do yourself to eliminate the symptoms. One consideration is that you may have a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin injections in Marysville may be the solution for you.

Vitamin Injections in Marysville

A poor or inconsistent diet is often the cause of a vitamin deficiency and can produce any number of unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms. Eyes, hair, teeth, nails and skin may be affected, as well as mood and energy levels. Your individual symptoms depend on which vitamins you may be lacking.

Common deficiencies include:

  • Vitamin B12 – Since the body does not produce this vitamin, its levels are often sub-par. You may feel particularly lethargic, have low energy and look pale.
  • Vitamin D – Seen frequently in the winter months due to our more temperature-comfortable state indoors, lack of this vitamin can cause brittle bones. Exposure to daily sunlight is recommended to add to our internal stores of vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K – Individuals who do not have sufficient vitamin K reserves usually bruise and/or bleed more easily. Newborns are given a vitamin k injection soon after birth to increase their supply.

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