Spinal Manipulation Therapy

Osteopathic Manipulation in EverettIn a recent presentation at the 9th Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Physiotherapy Annual Conference in the UK, Jack Neil of the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic analyzed the current literature on spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) and immune responses.

After reviewing the research up to January 2012, Neil confirmed that spinal adjustments are linked to a central anti-inflammatory response. Research suggests that chiropractic adjustments may lead to the regulating of pro-inflammatory cytokines and a boost in antibodies that are linked to the immune response. Additionally, spinal manipulation may increase the creation of tiny cells called leukocytes which support the white blood cells in fighting off a threat. Chiropractic adjustments may also affect Natural Killer cells, interleukin-2 activity, TNF-a levels, cortisol, and b-endorphin levels.

While more research is required, current evidence suggests that chiropractic adjustments can result in positive changes in the immune system. These immunological changes may show us why chiropractic can decrease inflammation and pain while promoting overall wellness.

The nerve system plays a pivotal role in chiropractic theory and practice. The concepts forming the cornerstones of chiropractic, namely the “subluxation” and the “adjustment” have continually emphasized this point. Chiropractic has long held that subluxations can produce disorders of internal organs and spinal manipulation can ameliorate and/or alleviate these disorders via their effects on the nerve system.’

Vitamin C is important for proper tissue strength and is known to support collagen and cartilage growth. It also helps protect cell membranes from toxic wastes and destruction from an overactive immune system. It acts as an antioxidant and is especially effective when taken with vitamin E. Vitamin C is used for allergies and as an anti-viral medicine. Regular use may reduce your risk of cancer. Ascorbic acid occurs naturally in citrus fruits, bell peppers, rose hips, tomatoes, strawberries, and many other fruits. The minimum requirement to prevent vitamin C deficiency, called scurvy, is 60 mg.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, able to neutralize unstable oxygen molecules that might otherwise damage DNA. Recent findings suggest it may also protect against Helicobacter pylori, bacteria linked to both stomach cancer and ulcers.

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