Support Natural Healing with IV Therapy in Arlington

IV therapy in Arlington

Sometimes the best solution to acute illness like the flu or for chronic ailments like migraines, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome or for addiction recovery or mood disorders is naturopathic IV therapy in Arlington. Rather than relying on potentially harmful medications with unfortunate side effects, IV therapy utilizes all-natural substances to encourage healing and pain relief.

IV therapy is the intravenous process of administering high doses of nutrients right into the bloodstream through a hygienic solution of water or saline. Given singly or in combination, the contents of the IV may contain vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other nutrients. Treatment may take from ½ hour to 2 hours, depending upon the fluid concentration. Dosage may be in one session or repeat treatments over several months, depending upon the illness being addressed and the what outcome is expected to be achieved.

When our bodies are not functioning well because of sickness, higher concentrations of nutrients are necessary to heal. When directly delivered into the blood cells, nutrients can quickly reach the body where needed. Common nutrients utilized in this therapy include Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, magnesium, B complex vitamins, zinc, calcium, alpha lipoic acid selenium and glutathione.

To learn if IV therapy in Arlington is an option for your illness and for additional information about this natural method of healing, call the medical staff at McQuinn Naturopathic at (425)905-2487. We have the necessary experience and knowledge to effectively treat numerous ailments in a safe way, without the side effects of prescription medication and invasive treatments.