The Benefits Of Testosterone

Found in men and women, testosterone is a type of hormone that affects moods, sex drive, fertility, muscle mass and bone density. Decreased levels of testosterone can result in fatigue, difficulties with concentration and a reduction in libido. Testosterone Benefits all aspects of life, making it a vital hormone in the body. If you believe you have issues with your testosterone levels, make an appointment with a naturopathic doctor to have your hormone levels analyzed.

There are several natural treatments that can increase testosterone levels. The production of this hormone generally occurs during the night. Being deprived of sleep can cause a decrease in the production. It is vital to get about eight hours of sleep each night. Stress can lower testosterone production so it is necessary to develop a success plan for managing your stress levels. Trans-fat acids, tobacco and alcohol can also lower testosterone levels and should be avoided whenever possible. Specific herbal supplements can be added to increase hormone production. It is important to speak with your naturopathic doctor before changing your daily regime or taking any supplements.

If you believe you are experiencing problems with your testosterone levels, call the office of McQuinn Naturopathic and schedule an appointment to have your hormone levels analyzed. We’ll schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. During your visit we’ll discuss your symptoms and determine the best course of action for helping you feel better.

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