Everett Naturopathic Clinic

McQuinn Naturopathic Clinic continuously strives to bring the latest natural medicine technologies in the medical field that can help us diagnose, treat, and maintain the good health of our patients.

Everett Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatments

In the winter, cold and flu are likely to be common throughout the area. Our Naturopathic Clinic care center has an excellent track record of helping our patients maximize their wellness naturally.  We can help boost your immune system and stay healthy, especially if your household includes babies, elderly, and high-risk persons.

Everett HCG Diet Plan

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a very important hormone that is usually tested to determine if a person is pregnant or not.  HCG has also been found to help patients safely lose up to a pound of fat per day, when used in a controlled environment and monitored closely by our physician.

Everett High Blood Pressure Treatment

This is a very common medical condition that is caused by a variety of factors and leads to several situations as well. It is important to know all the symptoms and always have your blood pressure checked by a professional medical provider.

Everett Lab Referrals

Lab referrals are usually done when a clinic or hospital does not have the laboratory capabilities of doing specific tests.  Snohomish County residents should be happy to know that we offer a full service laboratory available during our normal business hours.

Everett Massage Therapy

Massage is known to give people a number of physical, psychological, and circulatory benefits. At Mcquinn Naturopathic, we can help alleviate pain with massage therapy.

Everett Menopause Treatment

In addition, it now is being popularly used for alleviating the bothersome symptoms brought about by menopause. Just remember to only go to certified massage therapists for you to experience its full benefits.

Everett Naturopathic Doctor

Choose health care providers who are aware of naturopathic medicine and know when to utilize all natural methods if possible before proceeding with prescription drugs. They know the importance of helping patients achieve a better state of health and without losing focus on the illness.

Everett Nutritional Counseling & Food Allergies

Nutritional counseling is not limited to kids, the elderly, and people who suffer from various medical conditions like asthma, eating disorders, severe nausea, allergies, obesity, and diabetes.

Everett Pediatric Exams & Sports Physicals

Pediatric exams entail patience from health care providers as it usually takes some time to calm babies or toddlers. For sports physicals, you need a professional health care provider that will not only treat a condition but will help you get back on your feet with replenished strength.

Everett Physical & Women’s Health Exams

You alone are in charge of what happens to your body and you have full responsibility of taking very good care of it.  While you should not take physical and women’s health exams for granted, be sure to have only trained professionals to do it.

Everett PMS & Hormonal Imbalance Treatments

Most women think that they have to undergo monthly premenstrual syndromes and this is often a result of misinformation and lack of proper medical knowledge.  You might want to seek the help of your obstetrician if you are frequently experiencing PMS as it might raise a question about hormonal imbalances.

Everett Poor Digestion Treatments

If you have been feeling a lot gas, reflux, and bowel changes recently, you better get yourself checked by a certified gastroenterologist.

Everett Therapeutic and Nutrient Injections

Several medical conditions can result from unhealthy food choices where they might need therapeutic and nutrient injections. Geriatric patients are commonly those that receive this but it is becoming a popular approach to naturopathic healing.

Everett Urinary Infections Treatment

This is a very common medical condition that chooses no gender, age, and color.  Every person who does not drink enough water, or lapses on proper hygiene after urination and practices unsafe sex is at high risk.

Everett Women’s Health Services

Women of the Snohomish County now have an even better access proper wellness care with the help of the McQuinn Naturopathic Everett clinic.

Everett Acupuncture

If you are suffering from body pain or you want to lose a portion of weight, visit our clinic, Everett Acupuncture and we will be more than happy to help you.

Everett Core Classes, Core Cardio and Stability Workout

Going to Everett Core Classes, Core Cardio and Stability Workout will surely help to make your body fit and healthy.

Everett Life Coaching

When you have reached that time in your life where you are having a hard time focusing on your goals and getting in touch with your dreams of success let the Everett Life Coaching program help you get back on track.

Everett Yoga

Practiced over five thousand years, yoga has become a discipline of life. For the Hindus it is a form of spirituality, but in our modern age we link to yoga for the benefits it contributes to health and wellness.