Tips to protect your child from the sun

naturopathic doctors in EverettWhile it’s important to be prepared for dangers that children might face during the summer, it’s also important to let them run around and have fun.

Water fascinates young kids and its great fun and great exercise, but it also has its dangers. Even the best supervisors and caregivers can get briefly distracted, and all it takes to drown three minutes face-down in water.

Make sure that your children are getting enough food and water throughout the day. They may want to keep playing all day, but they need proper nutrition to fuel that energy. Hydration also helps ensure that they don’t get sunburn as easily as if they were dehydrated.

Another tip is to come up with new indoor activities. On hot days when the sun can be too much, try painting, playing with play dough, helping kids to make their own popsicles,  playing Doctor with ice packs to break the heat, etc. get creative! And lastly, remember that sometimes a nap can make all the difference.

  • Use a sun protection factor (SPF) cream of 15 or more.
  • Cover them up with a hat and T-shirt.
  • Spend time in the shade 11am and 3pm.
  • Be safe around water

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