Try Prolotherapy for Headaches in Marysville


Try Prolotherapy for Headaches in MarysvilleUnfortunately, headaches are all too frequent for much of the population throughout the world. According to one study, about 4% of adults have a headache almost every day. Treatment of migraines, tension, and other headaches are commonly seen by all types of medical professionals who sometimes struggle to find just the right method to treat this painful problem. Prolotherapy for headaches in Marysville has shown some promising results to relieve pain and repeated headache occurrence.

Headaches can be debilitating, resulting in loss of productivity at work and school. Treatments typically involve non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or prescription narcotics that can have unwelcome side effects.

Prolotherapy, on the other hand, utilizes injections of dextrose, lidocaine, saline, or platelet-rich plasma (PRP) solution into ligaments and tendons at the source of the headache pain to stimulate rehabilitation. Increased collagen production strengthens weak ligaments and tendons to reduce pain and decrease episodes of headache discomfort. A double-blind study over six weeks demonstrated that prolotherapy increased tendon circumference by 25%.

A conference and comprehensive health evaluation by a prolotherapy professional can help to determine if this type of therapy will work for your headaches. Consideration will be given to chronic medical conditions and your overall health. An individualized plan of action will be determined for your specific needs. Treatment is must more cost-effective and less invasive than surgery, and there is only about one day’s downtime after the procedure.

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