Understanding what Naturopathic Medicine has to Offer

 naturopathic medicine in ArlingtonFor anyone who has heard of naturopathic medicine, the concept may seem interesting, but they may not be fully aware of what this is, or what it has to offer them. The fact is, when a professional naturopathic doctor is found, people can experience increased sense of health and overall well-being. McQuinn Naturopathic provides naturopathic medicine in Arlington and follows the core principles as outlined below.

Nature’s Healing Power

Naturopathic medicine recognizes that there is an inherent self-healing process everyone has that is both intelligent and ordered. A naturopathic physician will work to identify and remove any obstacles that may be present in regards to healing and to recovery in order to augment and facilitate this process of self-healing.

Identification and Treatment of the Causes

Naturopathic physicians will also work to identify and then remove any underlying cause of an illness, instead of just suppressing the symptoms or eliminating it.

The Principle of doing no Harm

There are three guidelines followed by naturopathic physicians when it comes to avoiding harming their patients, which include:

  • Utilizing medicinal substances and methods that will minimize the potential for harmful side effects with the least force to diagnose a problem and treat the issue.
  • Avoid the suppression of a person’s symptoms when possible.
  • Work with, respect and acknowledge each person’s self-healing capabilities.

Educating their Patients

In addition to treating patients, naturopathic physicians also educate their patients and encourage them to be responsible for their own health. They will also recognize and use the therapeutic potential offered by the patient-doctor relationship.

Treating the Entire Person

Physicians will treat each individual by taking into consideration their individual, overall health. In addition to physical and mental well-being, these physicians will encourage attention be given to a person’s spiritual health as well.

Naturopathic medicine offers a way of life that promotes self-healing and a person’s overall well-being.

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