What Is A Naturopathic Doctor?

Modern science and modern medicine are not necessarily bad, but neither are the natural remedies used for centuries before the days of hospitals and physicians. A Naturopathic Doctor combines the wisdom of past generations with the marvels of modern medicine to create a balanced approach to health and wellness. Through holistic treatments and proactive prevention, these doctors help the body heal itself whenever possible, but they are not afraid to turn to modern treatments when they are truly necessary.

A naturopath has medical training as well as training in naturopathy. This gives patients the best of both worlds. The treatments advised by a naturopath minimize the risk of harm from toxins found in many modern medicines. This makes them appealing to individuals who want to try nature’s medicines, but do not want to neglect the need for medical intervention when necessary.

These doctors often work in private practices, but they can work in hospitals and community health centers that are friendly towards naturopathic medicine. They are licensed health care practitioners, so they must meet the same qualifications that their traditional counterparts do in order to practice medicine.

Because a naturopath is a doctor, you can visit one for all types of medical conditions. Often, they are called upon to treat imbalances, allergies, fertility issues, chronic pain problems and other conditions that modern medicine has few options for. However, naturopathy can also be beneficial in treating other conditions, such as obesity, digestive disorders, heart disease, menopause and even cancer. Some of these doctors are licensed to perform minor surgeries, including stitching wounds and removing small cysts or benign tumors. They can prescribe prescription medications when needed, but they do tend to prefer natural medications when they are able to heal the condition a patient is suffering from.

Visiting a Mukilteo Naturopathic Doctor may seem different to those patients who are used to the traditional medical approach. Rather than diagnosing a condition and throwing a drug at it, these doctors take the time to learn about a patient’s overall health and lifestyle. Then, they may suggest a lifestyle change instead of offering a medication alone. Whenever possible, they will avoid medications in favor of natural treatments, helping the patient see the value of overall healthy living instead of simply masking the underlying cause of conditions with a pill. Contact us 425-905-2487 or by clicking Here.