What is Naturopathy?

images18MGQKD3When you are feeling ill, you most likely make a visit to your local doctor. With any hope, after taking your prescribed medication, you are back to feeling great. Naturopathy or naturopathic medicine is an alternate holistic way of medical belief which is focused primarily upon vital energy. According to Naturopathy, vital energy is used to boost numerous bodily functions, such as the growth, metabolism, as well as reproduction.

There is no one specific method of treatment for naturopaths; a wide range of different methods are used based on the current need of each patient. Naturopathy is targeted primarily at self healing through more natural methods as opposed to primarily modern medicine options.

Naturopathy treatment consists of non-invasive techniques with a more holistic approach and generally avoids the use of both drugs and surgery. The term itself “naturopathy” derived from Greek and Latin, and translates as “nature disease”

At McQuinn Naturopathy, we use a supportive and integrative approach, drawing from all aspects of health – spiritual, mental, physical, and environmental. We utilize contemporary scientific analysis to incorporate the newest therapies – meshing the conventional and natural health care, with focus on prevention and recovery.

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