What is the Difference Between Traditional Medical Care and Naturopathic Medicine?

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You may have wondered about the differences between conventional medical treatment from a medical doctor (MD) and that of naturopathic medicine in Arlington by a naturopathic doctor (ND or NMD) and whether one is better than the other for diagnosis and care of illness and overall health. There are numerous similarities and variances in the training of these professionals, since each has a distinctly unique approach to patient care.

Both types of doctors have strong backgrounds in the basic sciences and medical diagnostics, although one may have more education in a particular specialty. After the first two years of training, the doctor candidates take their Step 1 board certifications. During the third year, MDs begin focusing on hospital internships within the hospital and NDs work within clinics as interns in family medicine under the direction of an attending physician. During the last two years of training, NDs continue their education in current standard medical care and add alternative and complementary treatment studies.

While an MD undergoes three months of surgical rotation, an ND will develop skills in pharmacology, orthopedic manipulation, herbal medicine, minor surgery and innovative nutrition ideologies and utilize these methodologies during clinicals.

Naturopathic medical doctors make use of their skills under the auspices of the Philosophies of Naturopathic medicine, where the whole patient is considered and treated in the most natural manner possible and will the full cooperation of the patient.

There are seven holistic schools of medicine that are accredited by the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME), which is additionally accredited by the US DOE.

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