Where To Take Healthy Cooking Classes in Everett, Washington

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If you’re looking to learn how to cook healthy food that is quick and delicious, you’ve found the right place.  At McQuinn Naturopathic Wellness Center, our Chef Laraine Corneilson specializes in healthy cooking and purposeful eating.  Come to our state of the art kitchen, where we offer interactive healthy cooking classes.  Our goal is to help our customers better understand the world of food allergies and how to create fast, delicious and healthy meals from any kitchen.

At our healthy cooking classes, you’ll learn about healthy ingredients, calorie intake, food allergies and much more in our fun cooking class.  From healthy spaghetti, to turkey for Thanksgiving and even delicious deserts, we’ll show you how to eat healthy, balanced and fulfilling diet, without starving yourself of the energy you need from a well balanced diet.  Whether your struggling to come up with tasty gluten free alternative meals, you’re looking for a fulfilling low carb diet or you just want to learn some healthy recipes for home in a fun interactive environment, our classes will empower you to cook nutritious diets, avoid foods known to irritate allergies and loose weight, all while having fun in the kitchen!

Our cooking classes fill up quick, so contact us directly at 425-905-2487 to book a spot at our next available healthy cooking class.